Issue 6 – 2 Years of Freehounds

Hello again, you fine sons o’ guns. It’s been a while since the last blog post – but that’s only because I’ve been so busy cooking up all kinds of exciting-ness elsewhere in the wide-ranging components of ‘Freehounds’.

But, anyways, here we are!!! We have arrived, proudly, at the once unforeseeable destination of – 2 YEARS IN BUSINESS! How did we do it? Weeeeeell, not without struggle, hard work, dedication and passion of course. The Hound lives on, for another year!!!

2 years of Freehounds has seen some incredible accomplishments already, what-with the business award, the apparel and other things spoken about in the last blog. But there are some things that have happened since then that I’d like to make note of here, and I’d like to talk about some huge plans we have coming up throughout the year!

First and foremost, We welcomed Craig to the club, officially, on March 1st!!! craig

Craig and myself have worked super-hard leading up to, and upon his arrival to prepare him for Freehounds Barber Club. I can safely say he’s making me prouder, and prouder, every week since he started almost a month ago. It took a long time to find the right barber to have our second chair. This is only because I would never sacrifice the quality that everyone has come to expect at Freehounds. If it takes another year and a half to find the third, then so be it! Despite his title as ‘Junior Barber’, which was intended to provide him with a pro-active, and constant learning environment, he has shown that he can really hold his own at Freehounds. The quality of his work continues to improve daily, and I will not stop bombarding you with this on social media! Thanks to everyone who’s been keeping him so busy since he started. It’s been a pleasure, and here’s to the future with Craig!!!

It is important not only to maintain the standard that people have come to know your business for, but to also try to continuously improve on it. We can do this in many ways, but when it comes to ‘cutting hair’, being the core part of our business – we wanted to seek out what we understand to be the pinnacle of men’s hairdressing skills. So we (myself and Craig) booked ourselves a place on a 4 day course, down in Milton Keynes – at MENSPIRE Academy.  This will be at the end of July this year. menspire

‘Menspire’ are a brand that focus a lot on education for not just beginner barbers, but experienced/advanced hair-cutters. They have, through a passion for learning the ins-and-outs of hairdressing and barbering alike, managed to hone masses of skill – which close the gap between the two. Craig and myself both intend to do the same. Who better to learn from than the best, right? The course we will take is called ‘Core Shapes’ and it focuses on scissor-work and sectioning, which as barbers rather than hairdressers – this is the area we feel that we could learn the most in. It will give us more of a grasp on how to think creatively, through learning the correlation between geometry and numerics in hair design.

This extra level of finesse in our skill-set, we believe, will further seperate us from the rest in our industry, in the area. I was never joking when I said that I set out to be the best that Stirling could offer, in men’s hairdressing/barbering.

What else does the near(ish) future hold? Some of which i can tell you now, some – I cannot. Well I mean, I’m the boss here – so I can. But I wont. Coz it’ll ruin the big surprise element when the time actually comes. I have a flair for drama, you might say. Anyways, what I can tell you, is that the shop is approaching a critical moment in it’s history. The pressure to find new premises – is on. If we are unable to find suitable premises between now and September-ish time, we will remain in Viewfield Place for some time. Ideally we would like to find somewhere that, as a business, we can grow into. If there’s anyone reading that can help us out there in any way, give us a shout. Very exciting times indeed! Freehounds Barber Club, MK2!!!

We’ve come a long way from our promo nights at Brewdog Stirling, and our fully-booked first weekend, back in March 2017. So many long days, and nights, have gone into what makes ‘Freehounds’ – and many, many more will be spent the same. Thanks to everyone who’s played their part in making it all worth it, up ’til now.

Until next time,