Issue 7 – Inspirations

Some questions that clients asked me, sort of forced me to think about this, and I thought it would be cool to share. I wanted to let you guys in one what businesses INSPIRE me. Inspiration is a funny thing, because – at first glance, you can’t really see it (most of the time), but […]

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Issue 6 – 2 Years of Freehounds

Hello again, you fine sons o’ guns. It’s been a while since the last blog post – but that’s only because I’ve been so busy cooking up all kinds of exciting-ness elsewhere in the wide-ranging components of ‘Freehounds’. But, anyways, here we are!!! We have arrived, proudly, at the once unforeseeable destination of – 2 […]

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Issue 5 – 2018

What a year. I thought I’d make this entry of ‘Freehounds, The Blog’ about how great, yet challenging 2018 really was. Also, how I’m feeling going into 2019 with Freehounds. 2018 saw a lot of great things happen for Freehounds as a brand. Yet, it was a tough, tough year. There was many, many extra […]

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Issue 4 – Movember Rated Barber

Hello again, everyone! I hope all is well in the little worlds of my clients and readers. This post, coming off the back of my FIRST ever fundraising campaign for any charity, will explain why I am involved with the ‘Movember Foundation’ and what it is to be a ‘Movember Rated Barber’. So, as many […]

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Issue 1 – The Legacy Begins

Welcome, hounds!!! Assuming that there’s actually anyone here right now, you’re reading the first ever editon of Freehounds, The Blog! Publication uno. The first impression. What an honour, right!? I thought, what better place to begin “Freehounds, The Blog”s legacy than where THE legacy began!? I’ll be talking about ‘the brand’ itself. So I’ll let […]

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